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Transforming Futures Through Transparent Solutions

Your Trusted Assessment Partner -India Skills Private Limited

Welcome to India Skills Private Limited. We're a premier provider of comprehensive skills assessment services, offering a robust platform designed to empower individuals to excel in today's competitive landscape.


We believe in providing clear and unbiased assessments that accurately reflect an individual's capabilities. Our commitment to transparency ensures that both candidates and organizations have full confidence in the results and can make informed decisions based on reliable data. Through our flagship platform, TAGSCORE, we are revolutionizing the way skills assessment is conducted. TAGSCORE offers a transparent and transformative assessment process that eliminates biases and provides actionable insights for personal and professional growth.


With our transparent solutions, we are not just evaluating skills; we are paving the way for individuals to unlock their full potential and organizations to build high-performing teams. Join us in shaping the future of talent management and driving success through transparency and innovation. Experience the India Skills difference today and embark on a journey of skill discovery, growth, and success.

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