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Elevating Excellence-Your Trusted Assessment Partner

India Skills Pvt. Ltd. stands as a beacon of excellence in knowledge management, boasting over a decade of industry experience. With coveted NCVET approval, we're esteemed as a trusted partner in nationwide skill development initiatives. As an approved assessment agency for 18 sectors, we diligently collaborate to enhance skill standards across India. Our robust, in-house technology platform facilitates seamless online and blended assessments, ensuring efficiency and precision.


With a rich history of 14 years, we've successfully executed numerous projects in collaboration with government, semi-government, and industry bodies. Having assessed over 12 lakh candidates across 72 sectors, our influence spans the nation, with an average of 20,000 assessments conducted monthly. Our extensive content library, housing over 35,000 question papers, underscores our commitment to quality and diversity.


Our expert assessors, meticulously selected from premier institutes and organizations, ensure assessments of the highest caliber. At India Skills Pvt. Ltd., we're driven by a vision of a skilled and prosperous India, empowering individuals and organizations alike through our steadfast dedication to skill development. Join us as we chart a path towards a brighter future for India.

Meet Our Team

Chairman and CEO of the Company


Operations and Accounts Department


Our Mission And Vision

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Our mission is to be the preferred skill assessment organization for the Government, Industry, and NGOs. We achieve this through best practices, an exceptional team, and a focus on excellence. Trust, integrity, and accountability drive our operations as we empower individuals and organizations through skill development, shaping a brighter future


Enhance the standards of the vocational training program delivery by ensuring high quality of assessments & certification enabling bridging the gap between quality demand and supply of trained manpower.

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