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Skill Gap Analysis On The Go


Being the Pioneers of change we bring in new additions to make assessments efficiency driven. With focus on perfection our R&D team is always aiming at staying ahead in the race. We enable both Government and Business organisation in hiring the right talent with minimum human intervention.

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Our TAGSCORE Services Include

Standardized Tests

Creating, administering, and scoring standardized tests for academic, professional, or certification purposes

Psychometric Assessments

Developing assessments to measure personality traits, cognitive abilities, skills, and aptitudes for recruitment, personal development, or career guidance

Customize Assessment Solutions

Designing bespoke assessment tools tailored to the specific needs of clients or industries.


Technology-Enabled Assessments

Offering online platforms or software for conducting assessments, including remote proctoring and automated scoring

      5L+Candidates Assessed

1200 + Training Centres Served

         500+ Industry  Experts 

Talk to our Expert

We'd love to explain how TAG Scores Assessment Solutions can serve your business.

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